Remote Session F.A.Q.

Join with zoom
the 24th EEEIC Edition
The authors will have the opportunity to show their presentations and respond to the participants’ questions on a web-based conference.
In average, the presentation and discussion time for each paper will be around 15 minutes (including discussion).
All presentations, including articles and oral presentations, should be in english.
Here is the final guideline of EEEIC2024 online meeting.
The goal of this page is to give you more information about the web meeting and the software platform used for it.
Zoom is a communication and videoconferencing platform accessible from a browser, or (recommended) from the official app available for windows, macos, linux, android and ios smartphones.
The Zoom conference meeting will be scheduled for
Mon. June 17th 2024
Tue. June 18th 2024
Wed. June 19th 2024
Thu. June 20th 2024
Starting from 08:00 am


To actively participate in the web-conference you will need a computer desktop or laptop which has:
Download the original software from the official website
It’s free and safe!
*** Please Note:
– You can also join a zoom meeting with your browser (chrome, firefox,…) But we don’t recommend it.
– Double monitor is recommended for a best online meeting experience but it’s not required.
– It’s essential to thoroughly test your hardware before scheduled session to avoid delays and other technical problems.


If you are interested in these guidelines it means that you have purchased one of the web conference fees from the official conference website.
If not, please visit the official registration page and purchase the related fee to join the EEEIC2024 remote session.
A few days before the conference starts:
• The EEEIC organizing team will perform a final check to allow access to the web conference the all web fee customers.
• You will receive an email with your personal link and password for access to the EEEIC2024 conference virtual venue.
+ The link to access the EEEIC2024 online conference is personal and will be sent to the email address used to purchase the web fee.
+ The attendees will be able to join the online conference with a unique device for each registered


• Click on the link received on your registration email and enter the password to join the web conference
• Wait into the waiting room until the host give you the access
• Activate the microphone after audio test. Please note that the microphone is preventively deactivated from the host to avoid noise during the accesses.
• You can share desktop / laptop screen or window during your paper presentation (only for the authors).
• You can view the number of attendees that are participating simultaneously to the meeting.
• The attendees name will be encrypted for privacy reasons.
• You can text with collegues in a public dialog box or privately using the zoom chatbox.
• You can enter or exit from the virtual rooms without limits.


The online technical sessions might be recorded to allow future sharing of the web conference contents.
If you have some problems with the privacy management, please deactivate your video when joining the web conference.
Your name will be already automatically encrypted for the event registration.
eeeic2024 remote session
A Step by Step Guideline
01 Every morning the meeting hosts will allow access to all the registered EEEIC MMXXIV Attendees.
The registration starts every morning at h08:00. Every attendee may join at his/her convenience, however it is recommended to join from 07:00 am to 08:00 am to facilitate participants verification and fast access to the virtual rooms.
Use your personal link to join the EEEIC Web Conference.
02 Click on your personal link received on the registration email and enter the password.
Now you are in the waiting room. Please, wait here a few minutes while the EEEIC hosts are verifying your registration.
03 You’re welcome. you’re officially an attendee of the EEEIC2024 Web Conference. You are in the main room. This is a kind of “virtual hall”. Here you will find more information about the meeting rooms and technical sessions on going, and meet other colleagues connected from many universities of the world. Here you can text with hosts to ask them more informations and “get directions” to your preferred virtual room.
04 Wait in the hall room and choose to enter one of the secondary sessions.
Please note that the secondary rooms match exactly with the real rooms of the onsite meetings.
So, here you can simply assist to the technical sessions or interact with the phisical rooms for your papers presentation.
If you are an author please use the presentation template supplied by the EEEIC Organizing Team or download it from the official website.
05 Please, interact with other EEEIC Attendees with a maximum respect of the rules. For this reason we kindly ask to all participant:
• Close other software and app using internet band connection;
• Choose a neutral background and a good light to improve the quality of your video image;
• Wear your headphones / earphones or regulate the volume of your speakers as low as possible;
• Do not disturb during other authors presentations;
• Deactivate your microphone if you have background noise;
• Do not use the sharing button if it’s not your moment! please wait for the co-host/session chair to give you the permission to start.
• If you have any doubts about the use of the platform, please send a message to the meeting hosts using the chatbox.
06 Well, you are ready, there is nothing left to know!
It would have been nice to see you in presence but it will be just as exciting and fun to see you in remote.
Here you can set your audio preferences.
Click on the up arrow near the microphone icon and select your favourite from the list of devices installed on your desktop/laptop.
You can set / activate / deactivate your:
– Microphone
– Audio Speakers
(or preferably earphones to reduce the background noise)
1) Also, here you can test your audio settings or check the advanced audio settings
2) Please check your microphone volume before joining the web conference
3) Please deactivate your microphone if you’re not participating in the discussion
Here you can set your video preferences.
Click on the up arrow near the camera icon and select your favourite from the list of devices installed on your desktop/laptop.
You can set / activate / deactivate your:
1) Also, here you can check the advanced video settings.
2) If you are joining the conference with a double monitor you can set the maximum number of participant simultaneously visualized from 25 to 49 to have a more complete view of online attendees
By clicking the icon you can share your screen and present your work.
You can choose to share only a specific window or screen
1) Please wait the introduction by the Local Technical Chairs to start with your sharing.
Here you can set your view preferences.
Click on the grid icon and select your favourite visualization
You can set:
– Speaker View (video of the orator)
– Grid View (simultaneous view of the room attendees)
1)If you are joining the conference with a double monitor you can put the grid view in the second monitor and the speaker view on the first, or in reverse.
Here you can access the virtual rooms.
Click on the list and select your favourite room.
You can enter and leave freely from the virtual rooms.
1) Please mute your microphone before entering the rooms and respect the rules