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Starting from 2017, a part of the fee from the EEEIC conferences will be devoted to sustain the International Association on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIA) and, in turn, all EEEIC conference participants will also become members of the EEEIA for the following year. Attendees participating at the conference must also pay the association membership fee and which is included in the conference fees reported below.
The EEEIA is a new-born not for profit legal entity committed to make EEEIC happen. The EEEIA  will support the costs for its central coordination, as well as the preparation of working notes and  proceedings. As a member you will be able to make use of the resources provided by EEEIA and be part of a community interested in topics surrounding EEEIC events.


International Association
on Environment & Electrical Engineering

Bank Transfer Details

Address: Via Gregorio VII, 384 – 00165 Roma
VAT: 14010131002
Fiscal code: 97903790588
Bank Name: Banca Popolare di Bari – Filiale di Via Crispi
IBAN: IT36 R054 2403 2000 0000 1003 561
Bank Address: Via Di Capo Le Case 1 – 00187 Roma (RM)

On-Site Participation

Attend the 22nd Edition of the EEEIC International Conference and live an unforgettable experience, full of scientific content but also of relaxing moments of public relations, good food and visits to unique and suggestive places and monuments. Choose the fee that best suits your needs, prepare your suitcase and activate the countdown. June 28th, 2022 is approaching and the EEEIC Community is waiting for you in Prague!
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On-Line Participation

Take part in the 22nd EEEIC International Conference with the On-Line Mode. By purchasing your web conference fee, you will receive the access keys to participate to all the online sessions and to present your paper electronically to the EEEIC committees and audiences. The On-Line conference will take place simultaneously with the On-Site conference from June 28th, to July 1st 2022. The access keys will allow you to review on demand all the contents and presentations of the 22nd edition of EEEIC.
Remote Fees

On-Line Participation

Access to the meeting
First Paper (#01)
View or download of all presentations “on demand”
It is also possible to participate to the conference remotely.
Each session is organized in a hybrid mode and can be followed remotely through the use of a web platform.
Remote presentation of a paper will take place live.

On-Site Participation (Full Fee)

On-Site Participation (Partial Fee)

Additional Papers/Pages & Other Fees

Second Paper (#02)
Third Paper (#03)
Additional Page (+1)
The additional papers may only be purchased in conjunction with a Full Conference Subscription.
Please, checked before payment because the system doesn’t do any control.
Invitation Letter (Hard Copy)

On-Site Participation (Additional Fees)