The authors will have the opportunity to show presentation and respond to the participants’ questions on a web-based conference (webinar, webconference).
In average, the presentation and discussion time for each paper will be around 10 minutes (5-7 minutes for presentation + 3-5 minutes for discussion). However, presentation time may be shortened if more papers are arranged in one session and extended if some authors are absent.
All presentations, including articles and oral presentations, should be in English.


To actively participate in the web-conference you need a web-camera, a microphone and a computer connected to the Internet. It is also possible to participate without the camera but the features will be restricted. It is essential to thoroughly test your hardware before scheduled
session to avoid delays and other technical problems.


Internet connection (hard wire/wireless)
Connection speed (DSL/Cable > 1Mbps)
Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.0 or newer or Safari™ 3.0 or newer or Google Chrome™
Adobe Flash Player v15 or newer

• Your presentation can be uploaded before the scheduled session • We recommend PDF file with all fonts embedded and no password • For PPT please don’t use animations or special/fancy fonts • Test your presentation using special Test accounts provided •