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Starting from 2017, a part of the fee from the EEEIC conferences will be devoted to sustain the International Association on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIA) and, in turn, all EEEIC conference participants will also become members of the EEEIA for the following year.
The EEEIA is a new-born not for profit legal entity committed to make EEEIC happen. The EEEIA  will support the costs for its central coordination, as well as the preparation of working notes and  proceedings. As a member you will be able to make use of the resources provided by EEEIA and be part of a community interested in topics surrounding EEEIC events.
Please note that  the EEEIC 2018 registration fee has been kept as close as possible to past years.
In the registration process, you will be presented with a link to the EEEIA statue. If you do not want your details to be kept on file by the EEEIA Association, please untick the check box for the question “I have read and agree with the EEEIA statute, and would like my registration details forwarded to the EEEIA.”


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